Terms and Conditions


For the health and safety of our team and patients, as well as to ensure the efficient operation of our clinic, additional support persons (such as friends or family members) may not attend the appointment with you and are not permitted inside the clinic. Children are not permitted within the clinic at any time under any circumstances. Failure to adhere to this policy will result to the cancellation of your appointment.

Right to Decline Services

Please note that we do not accept all patients for treatment. We may decline to provide services to any person.

Racism, Hate Speech, Threats and Cyberbullying

We have a zero-tolerance policy for racism, hate speech, threats and cyberbullying. We reserve the right to cease the clinic/patient relationship immediately should a patient not adhere to this policy.

Suitable Clients for Cosmetic Injectables

Clients must be deemed medically fit and suitable for treatment, following a consultation with one of our injectors. Estetique Cosmetic Injectables reserves the right to refuse treatment at any time, if the client is deemed unsuitable for treatment, or the treatment is deemed unnecessary, or unwarranted by our Registered Nurse or Prescribing Doctors. Our Cosmetic Injector may ask for photo identification to ensure that the client is over 18 years of age and reserves the right to refuse treatment if this is not provided. No-one under the age of 18 will be administered any cosmetic injectable treatments. If the client is pregnant or breastfeeding treatment will also be refused. Packages can only be used in one appointment.


All humans are asymmetrical. While we will endeavour to improve the appearance of asymmetry if requested by you, we make no warranties, guarantees or representations in relation to symmetry. We do not offer complimentary treatments in the case of asymmetry, whether pre or post treatment.

Dissolving of Dermal Filler

Our policy for dissolving dermal fillers are as follows;

  1. Our team will first assess you at a minimum of 4-weeks post-procedure;
  2. Our team will provide you with an estimate of how many sessions will be required to dissolve the filler to achieve the desired result.
  3. You will be liable to pay our fees of approximately $300 per session to dissolve the filler.
  4. We may decline treatment if we form the view that it would be unsafe or not in your best interest, or if we wish to cease the practitioner-patient relationship.
  5. If we decline treatment, we will refer you another clinic for further treatment.

Medical Emergencies

It is your responsibility to inform us immediately if you become aware of any serious complications. Please call us on 0403241450 if you become concerned. Please note this number is for serious concerns only. In the rare event of an unforeseen medical emergency, you will be evacuated to a hospital at the discretion of attending paramedics. Please note that you will be liable to pay all costs associated with your transfer and care directly to the providers in accordance with their usual practices.